About DogEase

DogEaseĀ are dog behaviour specialist that strive to decrease the amount of dogs that are given away, abandoned or even euthanised because of poor and unruly behaviour. Our goal is to simply enrich the relationship you have with your dog, to ensure thorough understanding will bring enjoyment and harmony to your household.


Dog training comes in many forms, however it is owner training not dog training that is needed, many ‘Dog Training’ companies will teach with ‘positive reinforcement’ generally this means to teach your dog ‘obedience’ – (sit, down, stay) with food. But what happens when you don’t have food? And will teaching these things stop your dog barking, escaping or pulling on lead? Of course not. It’s time to understand your dog and then you can change their behaviour.

Dog Training Brisbane

DogEase is owned and operated by specialist Dog Listener, Sacha Beatson. Sacha has been working with dogs and their owners most of her life and on a professional level spent four years in the UK working as a vet nurse, running puppy pre-schools and advising clients on Dog and Cat behaviour problems. During this time she received a certificate for Companion Animal Behaviour from the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association).

Since coming to Australia in 2002 Sacha has been working with owners and dog training Brisbane Northside, in a range of techniques until realising that Dog Listening was the best and most gentle of all methods and became a qualified professional Dog Listener in 2006.

“Dog Training Brisbane has come a long way, and so have the methods we use. There is nothing quite like helping a family understand each other and seeing the changes that happen.”      Sacha Beatson

The Fun Side

At Dogease we believe in having fun with your dog – Sacha enjoys competing with her dog Jemba in K9 Freestyle events (dancing with dogs). If you would like to see Jemba dancing please click the video links below.

“Fly Me to the Moon”

Filmed at the Ekka

“Totally Wild” – A Dancing Segment

This was great fun to do, I hope you enjoy it.

“Dancing Queen”

This was our first competition, so a little messy not to mention funny when Jemba fell over herself.

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