Its no fun when your dog is biting, jumping, pulling on lead. But it can change, here is a before / after our consultation video.

Unfortunately I have many clients that ask “Why does my dog keep biting, jumping, pulling on lead? This actually is something that is quiet easily changed, how you walk the dog makes all the difference. Are you relaxed, do you have a good relationship with the dog, does your dog believe in you as a parent and trust you? These are all things that need to be in place when you decide to walk your dog, if not then the dog feels they need to take the lead and by biting, jumping and pulling on lead is how they feel they can control the situation which in their eyes can be dangerous – therefore trying to stop the walk altogether.






There was of course more other problems than just this, and the owners have to do the right by the dog by starting to parent the dog correctly. But at least this is something that encourages them to keep going with all they have learned. If you can do this in one day imagine what you could do in a month.

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