Dog Obedience and Behaviour Training

Problem dog behaviour comes in all forms – whether it’s pulling out the pot plants, digging up the garden, escaping, barking, over excitement, separation anxiety or chewing everything in sight – and this is to name just a few! Using The Dog Listening method works and is different from the normal Dog Obedience and Behaviour Training. However there does have to be a level of commitment required from the owner.

Bad behaviour will only change if you do something about it – and it will definitely get worse if you don’t, we believe dog obedience and behaviour training is about training owners, change what you do and the dogs behaviour will change too. Going to Dog Obedience and training classes will not get you an obedient dog and may actually make things worse.

With our Consultations a Dog Listener will come to your home to assess the problems you are experiencing with your dogs behaviour. During the consultation (which may take between 4-5 hours) the trainer will teach you the method of Dog Listening. You will then receive a written program for you and your family to follow and this will reinforce what you have learnt during the consultation. A follow up phone call will be made one week later to ensure the program is working and it provides us with an opportunity to address any issues that you may be having whilst following the program. Ongoing support is given for as long as needed.

Please contact us with details of any problems you are currently experiencing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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