How do I walk the dog and stop the dog pulling on lead?

Walking on a loose lead is the greatest feeling not just for you but for your dog.

This owner called as not only did her dog bark and was nervous but she could not walk the dog
and when her husband walked their dog he would come home with burn marks on his hands from their dog pulling so hard.

How to walk a dog one of the most common problems I am asked,¬†it is not fun being pulled along and certainly can be painful for many people, off course as always your parenting comes in to play, what are you doing at home before you even try to walk the dog, whats your relationship with the dog like? Have you ever tried to walk the dog in your garden? Because if you can’t walk them easily in a safe home environment then of course the dog will not walk well outside the home where there is real danger. Some people even wind the dog up before they walk the dog, by saying “lets go for a walk” and getting the dog all excited and then expect them to be calm when they go….hmmm doesn’t sound like a good idea!

Also have the lead around the home, not stashed in a draw and only comes out when you go out, get the dog used to hearing the lead click again and again, yet you go no where, soon enough the dog will be calm before you put the lead on. Then work on the next step.
If you would like help, contact us and we will help you get to a great place with your dog, so you can enjoy each others company and walks.

Happy Dog, happy owner.

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