Dogs And Kids

A great video for anyone who has comes into contact with ANY dog…..especially children….Please watch

We are so passionate about teaching and helping children understand how to communicate with their dogs correctly that we offer an incursion for schools/clubs/vacation care and after school care.

After all it’s our children that will continue to teach their children and if we all know right from wrong when it comes to communicating with dogs we will have a lot more happier dogs that are not being euthanised or given up – resulting in less dogs left in pounds only to face a life of misery and/or unnecessary death sentences.


Kids School and Club Program

This program is an absolute must for all children.

It is our duty to protect our children from dog bites of which 77%

are from from the family dog or friends dogs.


What is Stop The 77?

This is a fantastic program which really gets to the heart of why and how we should treat dogs, but it is done in a fun, exciting and encouraging way, for kids primarily aged 4-6 years (older children’s program will be coming soon).

If you would like to know more please contact DogEase directly.

So how does it work?

DogEase will come to your school/activity group to discuss what it means to be a dog owner. During the 1hr (approx) presentation, we will be singing and learning fun songs, talking about how dogs think and how we can make their life better by becoming a ‘Dog Star’

Kids have fun and learn at the same time, and will go away with the knowledge of how to interact and communicate with not just their own dogs but others too. Children do not need to own a dog to enjoy the program and get possibly life changing information. Many children are even scared of dogs however learning how to approach a dog and how they think with give those children more confidence when they are around dogs and puppies.

Each child will go home with a DogEase pack with goodies, information and not to mention a well earned certificate to be proud of.

Pricing – $12 per child, (Min 10 children.)

For any further information and to book your school/club our Stop The 77 presenter CONTACT US for times and dates available.

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