Brisbane Puppy School Training

Ok, so you just got your beautiful, cute puppy home, how exciting…….now what? Make a call to DogEase for Brisbane’s best puppy school training, or before long you find out that your little bundle of joy has very sharp teeth, has started to wee wherever and whenever he wants, is crying and keeping the neighbours (and you) up at night, has decided to re-pot all the plants and has decided your new Gucci shoes are tasty too. These are just some of the dramas that a new puppy owner will have to face so it is important for you to start early and get the right information. Don’t be fooled by the fact “their just a puppy”, it’s never too soon to start puppy classes!

Dog Ease offers Home visits or Puppy Classes.

What you will learn

During the home visits and puppy classes you will learn: – How to become the decision maker using     Dog Listening Techniques – Toilet Training – Stop Biting – Nutritional Needs – Crate Training – Walk on lead – How to get your dog to come to you And Fun Stuff – Sit, Down, Stand and Tricks  

Unlike puppy classes, in-Home visits allow you to learn one-on-one.

In-Home visits work very well as the information you recive is more intensive and is directly aimed at your personal needs, consults take on average 3-4 hours, however the consult has no time limit, the Dog Listener will not leave until you are confident about what you will be doing and why. This also gives the Dog Listener a chance to see the lay out and environment in which your dog is living, you will also recieve back up support for as long as needed.

Next Puppy Classes Starting – 12th November (Last one for the Year)


Puppy classes are an advantage as early communication is critical to your dog’s life. It is almost certain the dogs you see out and about that bark and seem to lose their mind when they come across another dog have no structure at home. Being a decision maker to your puppy will allow them to be calm and comfortable around other dogs of different breeds and sizes when they are ready to go out into the world (or to the park at least).

Puppy Classes are held at:

Vet Love Veterinary Clinic


(Waterworks Road Vet Surgery)

Sundays – 4 pm

333 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Ph: +61 7 3366 1888

Course Length: 4 Weeks

Puppies must be under 16 weeks old, they also must have had at least one vaccination (proof is required upon arrival). Please go to the Contact Us page, advise that you are interested in Puppy Classes or Lessons and we will respond ASAP Please be aware puppy class numbers are limited so get in early.

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