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Happy At Heel Dog Training Harness


Please order direct from  Pure Dog Listeners

The Happy At Heel Harness Dog Training Harness (Patented), was designed by PURE Dog Listeners to help owners solve all the lunging and pulling issues they experience on the walk.

  • Manufactured by Ancol Pets Products Ltd
  • Easy to use and stops your dog pulling.
  • Attached at the side and guided round the front so dog gets no forward momentum.
  • You can easily change your dogs direction.
  • Takes your dogs focus away from object of interest quickly.
  • It trains your dog to walk beside you.
  • He will walk at heel beside you, not because he is forced to, but because you have guided him gently and it is a pleasant experience.
  • NO Discomfort.


Please order directly from Pure Dog Listeners


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Large ( Labrador ) 57cm – 77cm, Medium ( Beagle ) 49cm – 63cm, Small ( Jack Russel ) 44cm – 54cm, X-Large ( GSD+ ) 78cm – 114cm


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