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Parenting Your New Puppy


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How to Use Positive Parenting to Bring Up a Confident and Well-Behaved Puppy


Author – Caroline Spencer & Lesley Harris

Paperback – English


In this practical, readable and entertaining book, Caroline Spencer and Lesley Harris bring a new slant to a well-explored subject and propose significant shifts in an owner’s understanding of why their puppy behaves as he does and what makes him tick. Like children, dogs are born without behavioural issues; it is what happens in the early weeks of life, and the way in which his new owner nurtures, guides and educates him that will enable him to become a well-balanced adult – or not. Drawing on a combined 40 years of experience, the authors will help you in your initial choice of a puppy. When you take him into your home, it will show you how to interpret natural canine communication and play, and how to use these signals to educate and guide your puppy in a positive way. The confidence he gains in you, the parent, will help him through sometimes difficult and confusing situations, to become a happy, trustworthy, and trusting friend for life.

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