I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching us how to communicate with Bear and understand his needs. All of your advice has helped us and Bear, who now listens to the instructions given to him and over all is so much calmer. Our biggest success has been with the vacuum cleaner, bear no longer attacks it, but sits calmly watching me work. Your advice on barking has worked wonders with Bear, Last night the dog next door was barking non-stop all night , Bear only barked once in response, we used your technique and he settled back down and was calm for the rest of the evening. (A pity the dog next door wasn’t) We have raised our puppy Shila with your teachings, giving her an excellent start, the cute little puppy you met now weighs 42.3 kg, we have used your technique to teach her polite lead walking and, now run together as well. Thank you again so very much for helping us understand our dogs and how to connect and communicate with them. Thanks Again Angela

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