I am sorry it has taken me so long to write but I have been wanting to thank you and let you know how well Simba has been since your visit.
As you know we were at our wits end with Simba's separation anxiety since our move to a new house, and with our neighbour calling us up to 3x a day whilst we were at work to complain about her behaviour (howling, barking and frantically trying to escape) we were quite desperate.
You came out to see us at Bribie Island on a Sunday with very little notice, and gave up spending time with overseas guests to help us for which we were very grateful.
The day following your visit we had to leave our dogs at home all day and anxiously anticipated further calls from our neighbour - they never called! We spoke to them a few days later and they were amazed at the difference in Simba's behaviour - they had been planning to let us know but just wanted to check it was going to last!
To this day we have not had a single complaint! The changes we made to our behaviour were to our minds very minor but so very effective. Simba is still a bit highly strung but we know that we have the tools to work through this now.
Thank you again so very much.

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