What is Dog Listening?

In the most basic terms Dog Listening is about communicating using the dogs own language and behavioural traits. We know that dogs live naturally as a family unit, much like we do, with a parent/s at the head of the family whom make all the decisions for the rest of the family, such as who decides where we go and when, who provides food and who will protect us when danger is present. Dog Listening is about allowing our dogs to have self control and to use their brain, all to often people want to ‘control’ their dogs, normally this is done by yelling or being forceful and even aggressive in some cases, none of this is necessary and frankly completely wrong.

By watching how dog families act naturally with each other without human intervention their world works perfectly well. You will never find a dog living without humans with separation anxiety, a digging problem or even a barking problem – and you never will. It is how WE interact which causes issues with our dogs. Dog Listening is all about family and how to communicate to your dog that YOU are capable of being the parent and best decision maker. This is done without any aggression, force or gadgets. Once your dog has elected you as the parent member it will be calm and happy. When dogs are given the role of head decision maker (which unbeknown to you is often the case) they find it hard to cope, as your not doing as your told and probably everyone else in the family isn’t either, therefore they will try to make things right. This is when you see (what we call) bad behaviour – they just dont know what else to do, this leads to a very stressed and anxious dog.

Dog Listening is not something you do to your dog it is quite simply a ‘lifestyle’ you have with your dog.

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